Nidri is Lefkada’s hot spot due to the cosmopolitan atmosphere that Onassis created in 1963 when he bought the Scorpio island.

The statue of Onassis on the beach of Nidri betrays the love of people for the Greek tycoon. Built in a lush green valley along the sea, Nidri is located in the east part of the island just 17 km from the town of Lefkada. Opposite Nidri lies the islet Madouri with the neoclassical mansion of Aristotle Valaoritis and Scorpio island. Nidri beach is the most popular spot of the settlement, where you can admire the sunset. Nidri is the choice for those traveling by boat on the Ionian Sea as it offers a safe and modern port. The tourism infrastructure is excellent with plenty of accommodation (hotels, rooms , apartments , studios ), restaurants, taverns, bars and shops.

Sightseeing in Nidri
In 2km distance from Nidri are located Dimosari waterfalls, one of the natural attractions of the islands. The route is great because you plain of olive trees. The trail starts from the village Rachi and takes you to the first waterfall that will impress you with its cliffs and natural cavity forms. 

Climbing the stairs to reach the second waterfall (greater than the first) you‘ll be spelled by the sound of water . If it is a summer day, do not hesitate to dive into the cool waters. 
Opposite Nidri bay, in Vlicho’s bay is situated the chapel of Agia  Kyriaki. You can get there either by boat or on by the footpath beginning 1 km after the Geni village next to the sea. The chapel offers splendi views to Nidri, Valaoritis and Madouri islets. On the route to the chapel, on the hill of the Nymphs you will find the tomb of the archaeologist Doerpfeld who had argued that Lefkada was Homer's Ithaca.

Archaeological sites
Archaeologist William Doerpfeld (supporter of the theory that Lefkada is Homer’s Ithaca and Odysseus palace was located in Nidri) found in excavations made in the plain of Nidri at Steno, tombs of the EH period, cist graves and remains of buildings that date back to prehistory to the Roman. These findings indicate that Nidri has been inhabited since the prehistoric era.

Beaches of Lefkada
Nidri beach has direct access from the hotels of the area and extends from the Perigiali till the town. The small beach of Pasa, just before Nidri, is recommended for exploration. 

From Nidri you can get a boat for a day trip to: the beaches of Meganissi, the two beaches of Scorpio that are allowed for swimming to the neoclassical house Valaoritis in Madouri island and to the cave in Meganissi.